Painted by artist Janie Sutler

Maasay Yahdav reaches out to:

* Critically ill children  and their parents
* PTSD victims
* Ethiopians/New immigrants
* Arab school children in Jericho
* Arab and Jewish children in Jerusalem pre-schools 
* Israeli soldiers
* Sderot's children in frequently bombed areas ( underground playgrounds in bomb shelters)
* Elderly citizens
* Holocaust survivors
* Pro-life organizations
* Children and adults in frequently bombed areas (Bomb Shelters)
* Israel's poor (harvesting vegetables at charity farms)  
* Ultra Orthodox women and teens who've suffered abuse
* Premature babies (incubator covers)  
* Galilee's residents (Cleaning our adopted streets in the Galilee to prepare the way of the LORD) 
* Local congregations (engaged in construction in Haifa)